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ELTIM IO-80 BAL,anced input/output module, 80x100mm

Price per piece Connects input (XLR) and output (Banana) connectors without wiring.

ELTIM IO-80 BAL,anced input/output module, 80x100mm
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Connect these modules left or right of a CS-80xx/VSxx combination.
  • Transformer-like InGeniustm balanced input
  • XLR input connected with just short wires
  • Speaker output just connected with short wires

Shipping < 5 days
With these IO-80 BALanced modules, wiring of the balanced XLR in and Banana output connectors becomes most easy. In fact you only need to bring some straight wires from the connectors to this PCB. The board connects them with the according pins of a VS-module and a CS-80 Current Stage board.
These boards are equipped with the best balance to line drivers we could find, based on THAT's InGenuisTM patented principle. Also, a TRUE balanced driven bridge mode amplifier can be build, assisted by these boards. You just need to switch the + and - input of the right channel.