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ELTIM CS-40 CB Connector Board module

Price per piece NO power transistors mounted ! CD-40 module(s) required.

ELTIM CS-40 CB Connector Board module
132.00 *Prices include VAT
Article codeCS40CBmod

  • NO Power Mosfets mounted.
  • Header connector for any VS-xx module
  • Header connector for a protection OR Voltage Regulator module
  • Header connectors for all types of CD-40 modules
  • L-mounted to heat sink.
  • All resistors MOX 1%.
  • Speaker output and line input are on the required CD-40 modules

NOTE:  You also need one of our VS-input modules  !

Below the data of required ad-on modules:        

High power variants:        
CD-40 GDS/GSD 80 modules  63V, 2-4 pairs

CD-40 GDS/GSD 120 modules  80V, 2-4 pairs

CD-40 GDS/GSD 165 modules  100V, 2-4 pairs

CD-40 GDS/GSD MB  63V, 1 pair

CD-40 GDS/GSD80 MB  80V, 2 pairs

CD-40 GDS/GSD120 MB  100V, 4 pairs
Production on demand
This CB version of our CS-40 output module is actually the base of all the other variants we made. On this CS-40 CB (Connecor Board), there are NO power transistors mounted! Actually, it is meant to connect any of our CD-40 modules to it. Only a VS-xx input module, this CS-40 base and a (pair) CD-40 modules is functioning.

Due to the logical setup one can build all kinds of amplifier modules with it, from fine, high quality amps over high-power amplifiers to the most exquise 1000W Monoblock, just by selecting the correct CD-40 modules and connect them to this CS-40 CB module. There are 8 header connectors on board to connect it all:
- The lower connector can fit a Protection module (not sold yet) or a Voltage regulator board.
- The middle connector connects any of our VS-xx input modules,where the input signal is connected.
- The upper connectors can connect a single power transistor bank with 2-4 transistor pairs, the total acts as a "regular" single channel power amplifier.
       We have three types available, 80mm high (63V),    120mm high (80V) and 165mm high (100V). (not sold yet). Both can be cut down to 300mm (3prs) or 200mm (2prs) width.
- The two inner side connectors can connect a CD-40ps MB module pair, forming a 150W monoblock with 1 pair of transistors. Then a few mm have to be cut from the CS-40 CB.
- The two outer side connectors can connect a CD-40 GDS/GSD MB module pair, the total acts as a "regular", yet monoblock power amplifier, both not sold yet.
       We have two types available, 80mm (80V) high with 2 transistor pairs (aprox 400W) and 120mm (100V) high with 4 transistor pairs (aprox. 1000W).


  CD-40ps MB  (80 or 120mm high)         CD-40 GDS/GSD80 MB (80mm)             CD-40 GDS/GSD120 MB (120mm)

2x CD-40 GDS/GSDxxx-3  (80, 120 or 165mm high)

2x CD-40 GDS/GSDxxx-4   (80, 120 or 165mm high)

2x CD-40 GDS/GSDxxx-4  (165 or 210mm high)