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ELTIM PA-3886ps UFG LP, 80W Amplifier/PS module. H=22mm!

Price per piece With LM3886T + Power Supply with 2x7 330uF/50V Nichicon Fine Gold capacitors

ELTIM PA-3886ps UFG LP, 80W Amplifier/PS module.  H=22mm!
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Easy to use high quality mono amplifier module with:

- Texas Instruments LM3886T IC
- 2x7 330uF/50V Nichicon UFG "Fine Gold Muse" caps.
- Low profile, 22mm
- Integrated Power Supply

80Wrms  (@THD <0,1%)
In stock: 10
  • Use of ORIGINAL Texas Instruments LM3886T IC which has way better specs than mostly used counterfeited copies of this IC.
  • IC with metal back plate, transferring heat way better than mostly used plastic versions, resulting in higher power capability.
  • Use of EU manufactured, double sided FR4+ board, providing wide, thick (35um) and short tracks, capable of handling 12A+ dynamic currents. This PCB matched IC specs easily.
  • Use of brand new, high quality, long life components.
  • Mute circuit activated when connected to any voltage level > -2V, f.e. to ground or +5V. While disconnected, amp is active.
  • ACin input where the signal is decoupled by a Panasonic 2,2uF/450V MKP capacitor.
  • Space for a higher quality (larger) capacitor instead.
  • DCin input where the on-board input capacitor is bypassed.
  • Larger than normal speaker terminals with 7,5mm spacing.
  • Output coil, allowing to connect capacitive loads as well.
  • Complete on board power supply with quality secondary fuse holders, 8A rectifier, small caps around it and supply capacitors.
  • Two groups of 7 audio grade, low profile supply capacitors.
  • Just by adding a suitable transformer, the amplifier works.
  • This module is completely safeguarded at the output against overvoltage, undervoltage, overloads, shorts to the supplies, thermal runaway and instantaneous temperature peaks.
  • All ELTIM modules are RoHs compliant and lead free.
  • This module can be sandwich mounted with ELTIM PA-3886,        PA-4776 (stereo) and PA-2092 (mono, class D) modules.

Frequency range:

Harmonic distortion:

Intermodulation distortion:

Output power:        

Output current limit:

Slew rate:

Signal to noise ratio:

Power Supply voltage:

Power Supply capacitance:




0,03%        (@30W/8ohms)

0,004%  (60Hz/7kHz, 4:1)

See graph above



92,5dB (@1kHz/1W/A weighted)

+/-10  –  42Vdc (see graph)
or 2x7 – 2x28Vac transformer

2x7 330uF/50V
NICHICON UFG "Fine Gold", 85ºC

100 x 100 x 22mm

IC metal plate is connected to V-,
use thermal pad + nylon screw (provided) or insulated heatsink


PRINTED VERSION                   For more, detailed explanation about our PA-3886 range read the info bulletin.