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ELTIM VS-20L, Voltage stage module, L-mounted

Price per piece Line input AC/DC, feeds CS power boards, T1-T4 rare full symmetrical transistor array

ELTIM VS-20L, Voltage stage module, L-mounted
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  • Symmetrical, 500uV matched trimmed SMD transistor array input stage.
  • Transistor array substrate grounded to input ground, avoiding any noise and EMI.
  • Extremely stable, wide range Current regulator diodes (CRD’s).
  • DC input on left and right side.
  • AC (>2Hz, other on request) input on left or right side.        
  • Mica capacitor as input RF-filter.
  • MUNDORF MCAP250-2,2uF MKP input capacitor.
  • Low loss, 1% Mica capacitors in local feedback circuits.
  • 1% precision Metal Oxide Film (MOX) resistors at all locations.
  • V+ and V- available on left- and right side.        
  • L-mounted to any CS-board.

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