ELTIM Pre-230

Pre-230 (+) v2

With this Pre-230 module we offer a 3 Inputs /  2 Output switching module with an on board Power Supply.
Standard it is a so called passive Preamplifier with electronic in/output switching function and a potentiometer volume control.
If you like, you can simply make it an active preamplifier by adding one of our VCA modules without modifications.
Instead of that you could build your own electronics, with f.e. volume/balance/tone/etc. controls.
If you want to go one step higher, add our VR3-12 Voltage Regulator module for improved sound quality.

In the + version we added a nice MM/MC phono stage, connected to input 2.
It can be equipped with 16 gain and 16 input impedance selector switches at the bottom.
You could see it as a very good MM/MC preamp with two extra line inputs actually.

This Pre-230 module exactly fit in the nice and cost effective MODU Galaxy 230x170mm cabinets.
Of course, you also can mount them in any larger cabinet as well, f.e. in an integrated setup.