ELTIM audio BV

ELTIM Pre 330, mid-sized preamplifier module

Price per piece 6 Line inputs, 1 Line out and 1 Line out/Record out.

ELTIM Pre 330, mid-sized preamplifier module
249.00 *Prices include VAT
Article codePRE330

PRE-330 preamplifier module highlights:

-  6 Line inputs, relay switched
-  In 2 can be modified to MM/MC phono stage
-  Location for ALPS carbon potentiometer
-  2 external outputs (muted by relay)
-  Out 2 selectable as volume controlled Out or Tape out.
-  On board Power Supply 5,0VA + Netfilter

-  ELTIM electronic (VCA) volume control module
-  ELTIM symmetrical Voltage regulator module
-  ELTIM buffered line inputs
-  ELTIM buffered balanced inputs
-  ELTIM buffered line outputs
-  ELTIM buffered balanced outputs
-  ELTIM Front Panel PCB support
-  uP controlled functioning (volume and selections)

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