ELTIM Pre-435

Pre 435 modules

With the Preamplifier 435 Main modules we present here, we believe that our approach is the most logical setup with minimum distortion and interference. At the same time you can build it the way you want it and select RCA / Balanced / USB / etc. in/outputs at random.
Add/change in/outputs and volume control at any time, without difficult modifications. We build our modules without compromises and with highest quality components available today. Our modules exactly fit in nice, basic and cost effective MODU cabinets.

Since we use the highest quality components and way more PCB area for connecting the modules, the price is not at “Alibaba” surplus price level! On the other hand it’s easy and fast to build, mistakes are about impossible and last but not least, as with our Power Amplifier Modules, it can compete with highest price level Preamplifiers. We build your modules ourselves, by old school hand. Enjoy it for at least 20 years……….

ELTIM Preamplifier layout in MODU Slimline 2U/230 (280) cabinet

ELTIM Integrated amplifier in MODU Slimline 3U/350 cabinet
ELTIM Integrated amplifier in MODU Dissipante 3U/300 (400) cabinet

For these three basic setups we are developing Main PCB's.

Download this text here.         MORE NEWS SOON !
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