ELTIM Volume modules

A preamplifier is basically a bunch of connectors, volume control and a buffercircuit. Mostly this is done by a lot of electronics where the sound depends on the volume level (different impedances, etc.). With the modules we present here, we provide these buffercircuits with a built in Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) with exceptional wide control range and with way lower tolerance than a regular potentiometer can do. The audio signal always "sees" the same electronics, so a constant impedance, no difference in sound. Attenuation/gain can be set over an extremely wide range by a 0-4,8Vdc voltage and/or (optional) by an SPI controlled dual DAC, depending on the type in 4096/1024/256 steps. By connecting a cheap DVM display module, the setting in dB value can be read as well.
All boards listed below are pin and size compatible and are all byuilt in an independent two channel design.
These modules work "stand-alone" but can also be mounted on our Preamp modules. While doing so, these preamp modules change from passive to active preamps.

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