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ELTIM CD-124, Hexfet add-on kit, 104x35mm

Price per pair extra Hexfet pair, better heat spread for CS40ps modules in 124mm Galaxy (Mag.) cabinets.

ELTIM CD-124, Hexfet add-on kit, 104x35mm
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This Hexfet add-on module is not especially meant to increase power performance of a CS-40(ps) module in the first place. It is designed in order to spread the heat more while using a very small 124mm wide (internal 104mm) MODU Galaxy (Maggiorato) cabinet. Since Hexfets have a positive temperature coiifficient, in time all hexfets will have the same temperature and so are loaded symmetrically. Since the Hexfets of this CS-124 pair are mounted on the opposite side from where the CS-40(ps) is mounted, heat is thus spread in the best obtainable way. The extra holes in the PCB allow a forced cooling by a ventilator.