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ELTIM CS-40, Current stage board kit

Price per piece Aprox 120Wrms/8ohm, L-bar mounted to heatsink. excl. powercaps and heatsink

ELTIM CS-40, Current stage board kit
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This CS-40 power (current) stage PCB highlights:
  • Select the power Transistors of your choice.
  • L-mounted to heat sink, which is electrically separated from the PCB.
  • Power capacitor location close to the power transistors (not included!).
  • RF-interference blocking capacitors in strategic positions.
  • All resistors (MOX) are long life Vishay components or equivalent.
  • Current driven high power feedback in the centre of PCB with multiple paralleled resistors, reducing noise.
  • Speaker output and extra Mosfet/IGBT connector both left and right.
  • No Boucherot network in the output line provided nor needed resulting in way better impulse behaviour.
  • Separate power (CS)stage and driving (VS) stage voltage rails.
  • Separate VS- and Input signal ground tracks
  • Gold plated connectors, with multiple pin connections.
  • Speaker signal for signalling/protection purposes at all connectors.
  • PCB position to mount an NTC/PTC at centre, connected to both horizontal connectors.
  • Idle current can be controlled and adjusted externally by a DC-signal coming from the centre connector.
  • Dimensions: 200x80x35mm.

This DIY kit contains most components, connectors and high quality, double sided, through hole FR4 PCB. This kit does not contain Power supply capacitors, in order to allow you a wide range of choice. We recommend 2x 5000uF/100W min.