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ELTIM VS-10, Voltage stage board kit

Price per piece Line input AC/DC, feeds CS power boards, max. +/- 100V

ELTIM VS-10, Voltage stage board kit
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Some of the highlights of this VS-10 Voltage Stage module:
  • Separate (upgradeable) most basic fully symmetrical pre-driving (voltage) stage
  • Central positioned, high voltage SMD transistors T1-T4 in the input stage.
  • Extremely stable, wide range Current regulator diodes (CRD’s)  instead of the LED circuits.
  • DC input on left and right side. High end capacitor between this input and RCA-inlet possible.
  • AC (>2Hz, other on request) input on left or right side.        
  • MUNDORF MCAP250-2,2uF MKP input capacitor supplied
  • MKP capacitors in local feedback circuit.
  • V+ and V- available on left- and right side.        
  • RF-interference blocking capacitors in strategic positions.        
  • Styroflex RF-capacitor in feedback circuit.                                                        
  • Separated power ground and input ground tracks avoiding hum and noise.
  • L-or stack mounted to any CS-board.
  • Dimensions: 200x35x8mm.

This DIY kit contains all components, connectors (for stack mount as well as L-mount) and high quality, double sided, through hole FR4 PCB.