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ELTIM PS-80B, Power Supply kit

Price per piece Power supply kit for CS-80 , schottky rectifier diodes. Pos. for Ø40/35/30/25mm

ELTIM PS-80B, Power Supply kit
62.95 *Prices include VAT
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Our kits come WITHOUT Power Supply capacitors. You have to select those seperately and allow you maximum freedom of choice.
With this kit you can mount 2x4 Ø25mm, 2x2 Ø30/35mm or 2x Ø40mm versions.
This power supply is equipped with Schottky rectifier diodes.

Shipping < 8 days
This module exactly stackes on CS-80 module and is connected by a supplied 38mm long multi-pin connector. You only need to connect a transformer to it.
This DIY kit contains most components, connectors and high quality, double sided, through hole FR4 PCB. This kit does not contain Power supply capacitors, in order to allow you a wide range of choice. We recommend 2x 5000uF/100W min.