ELTIM PS7xx Power supply kits

ELTIM PS7xx Power Supply KITS deliver a unregulated voltage output. The potted, toroidal TALEMA transformer defines the unregulated output voltage and max. current.
With the available trafo types we come to 30 different versions, each time in single and symmetrical layout.......
VR-3, adustabe and
voltage regulator
These modules are very suitable for powering preamplifiers, DAC's, DSP's, mixing consoles, etc.

The single voltage modules have space for an OPTIONAL 317 adjustable Voltage regulator, incl. PCB mounted heat sink and required extra components.
The symmetrical modules have a connector where you can stack one of our Voltage Regulator Modules.
In that case, you can also use a symmetrical, regulated voltage.

These PS7xx kits are also available as built and tested modules.

Development and production is in house. We produce within a few days on demand for now. Dealers and OEM welcome.