ELTIM PSFL6xx Universal Power Supply kits

ELTIM PSFLxx Power Supply kits deliver a unregulated voltage output. The potted, BLOCK transformer defines the unregulated output voltage and max. current.
For now we just deliver the 6VA versions, meant to feed smaller electronics which needs clean power lines.

VR-3 adjustable, symmetrical
     voltage regulator option
These kits are very suitable for powering preamplifiers, DAC's, DSP's, mixing consoles, etc.

The single Voltage versions offer space for an OPTIONAL 317 adjustable Voltage Regulator, incl. suitable heatsink and required components.
The symmetrical modules have a connector where you can stack one of our Voltage Regulator Modules.
In that case, you can also use a symmetrical, regulated voltage.

These PFLxx kits are also available as buit and tested modules.               Dealers and OEM welcome.