ELTIM DIY electronics kits

In this section we presented our amplifier and other designs as DIY kits, meaning that you received a bare PCB and a handfull of components, which you had to solder and assemble yourself. We spent a lot of time and efford in providing documentation and trouble free designs.
Somehow and unfortunatelly, too many DIY projects appear to fail. We helped out some of them to find out why this happens: incorrect mounted components, incorrect and even incomplete wiring, shortcuts, bad solderings, not reading docs, etc. etc. This results in a lot of work here, but OK.
Too many also do bad mechanical work (causing shortcuts under Mosfets and bad heat transfer, f.e.), use poor power supplies, etc. etc. resulting in a bad or even not performing or oscillating amplifier.  A few talk about this on fora and blame us, ELTIM audio. Of course.

We now only sell our products as ready (hand)built and tested modules, which miraculisly all work without problems and more: people are amazed about the sound quality!

We also use the same modules for our handbuilt bespoke amplifiers, outplaying top-ranked designs costing even 4x more. Not, €500,- amps, but €10.000+ ones. Strange, isn't it? Something else than "not working" as some state.

Louis Timmers, CEO and developer