ELTIM PS-FLxx Power Supply modules,low profile

ELTIM PS-FLxx Power Supply modules deliver a unregulated voltage(s) output. The potted, low profile BLOCK transformer defines the unregulated output voltage(s) and max. current.


VR-3 adjustable, symmetrical
     voltage regulator option
The single Voltage versions offer space for an OPTIONAL 317 type, TO220 adjustable
Voltage Regulator, incl. suitable heatsink and required extra components.
With a VR-xx plug in module in the symmetrical variants, they can be
reconfigured into regulated, adjustable versions.

These modules are very suitable for powering preamplifiers, DAC's, DSP's, mixing consoles,
turntables, satellite/cable receivers (check what's inside....), etc.

Dealers and OEM welcome.                          Datasheet PS-FLxx Range

Development and production is in house, using quality stuff only !
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