ELTIM PS-UNxx Power Amp. Supplies

Below we present our own linear Power Supply modules,
capable of feeding all kinds of power electronics,
especially power amplifiers.
Unlike Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) they don't produce
high frequencies at all and their efficiency is higher (>95%).
Available with single output voltage and symmetrical supply voltages.

On the included PCB header you can mount one of our
Voltage Regulator modules, delivering up to three regulated voltages
for low power / low voltage applications like DSP, preamplifier, etc.
Here as example our linear PS-UN63 MLGO (2x 15000uF/63V MUNDORF capacitors), providing 63V/8A max.
The optional and professional XP-power based DC/DC converter regulator module shown here
tranforms this single voltage into extra +/-15V AND +5V for extra electronics.
So while using this combination, for an integrated amp design you only need one transformer.


We also provide a very wide range of matching toroidal transformers.
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