ELTIM Remote Control modules

With ELTIM Remote Control units we make it possible to activate significant Power Supplies by a (mostly 12V) external signal or on/off switch. While doing so, you can f.e. use the supply of your preamplifier (as we do ourself) to activate your poweer amplifier.
The coming modules with a small power supply on board allows to use a relatively small on/off switch where there is no significant AC current flowing inside the cabinet, a possible source of hum.
We are also thinking of a module where a sound signal will activate the circuit.  

All modules have a similar start-up procedure:
-  At activation a first relay is coming in and feeding the connected power supply via a 100ohm/35W SMD resistor.
-  Due to this the start current will be 2,5A max. at first moment and decreasing fast after that. Without a circuit like this it can be way over 10A.
-  Due to this series resistance the transformer and connected supply capacitors will be charged relatively slowly without a serious inrush current.
-  After a few seconds a second relay comes in, shortcutting this resistor and connecting the power supply directly to the mains power.
-  An integrated primary fuse protects your device if something rally goes wrong.

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