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ELTIM VR-JTF10, Voltage converter/regulator module, 10W

Price per piece Input range 9-36/18-75Vdc. Output 3,3/5/12/15/±5/±12/±15Vdc

ELTIM VR-JTF10, Voltage converter/regulator module, 10W
90.00 *Prices include VAT
Article codeVRJTF10

Converts a Vdc voltage in another, regulated supply voltage(s).

Input voltage ranges:   9- 36Vdc / 18 - 75Vdc
Output voltages:  3,3V / 5V / 12V / 15V / ±5V /±12V / ±15V
Nominal power:  10W (short term overload 15W)

Available as stack on module for ELTIM Power Supplies and
as embedded modules with a screw terminal.

Select input voltage range, output voltage and
connector type in the selection menu's.

Production on demand
Module with 2x 26p. male header connector.
Fits most ELTIM Power Supply modules.

Module with 11 pole screw terminal.
For embedded use in exisiting systems with a seperate
power supply where energy has to be extracted from.

Size 75x40x12mm