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ELTIM VR-JTL30, Voltage converter/regulator module, 30W

Price per piece Input range 9-36/18-75Vdc. Output 3,3/5/12/15/±5/±12/±15Vdc

ELTIM VR-JTL30, Voltage converter/regulator module, 30W
165.00 *Prices include VAT
Article codeVRJTL30

Converts a Vdc voltage in another, regulated supply voltage(s).

Input voltage ranges:   9- 36Vdc / 18 - 75Vdc
Single Output voltages:  3,3V / 5V / 12V / 15Vdc
Dual Output voltages: ±5V /±12V / ±15V
Triple Output voltages: ±12/3,3; ±15/3,3; ±12/5; ±15/5V
Nominal power:  30W (short term overload 45W)

Available as stack on module for ELTIM Power Supplies and
as embedded modules with a screw terminal.

Select input voltage range, output voltage and
connector type in the selection menu's.

Shipping < 5 days
Module with 2x 26p. male header connector.
Fits most ELTIM Power Supply modules.

Module with 11 pole screw terminal.
For embedded use in exisiting systems with a seperate
power supply where energy has to be extracted from.

Size 75x45x12mm