ELTIM Switching converters/regulators

We developed switched mode Voltage Converter / Regulator modules based on professional XP-Power modules.  With these you can convert about any available supply voltage into:

  • a single, low supply voltage (3,3V; 5V; (9V); 12V; 15V; 24V)) with high current capability
  • a symmetrical supply voltage (±5V; ±12V; ±15V) for f.e. analogue audio circuits
  • triple outputs ±12V or ±15V and 5V for analog + digital circuits (VR-JTL/RDC30 only)

As a matter of fact, they act as a "DC-transformer", they convert a DC-voltage into another DC-voltage(s) actually. As with a regular transformer, even the in- and output circuits are galvanically separated. You can use them to feed any electronics independent from the "host", and get a single or symmetrical, different DC supply voltage(s). The only thing you have to take care of, is that the total input voltage does not exceed the specs of the module used. We have an extremely wide working range available of 9 - 256Vdc, depending the model and in power rates of 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30 and 40W.
All these modules are pin compatible with our linear Voltage Regulators and are available with a header or a screw connector. They fit on about all our Power Supply modules now. Especially the updated Universal Power Supplies could be interesting to feed your delicate Power Amplifier. With addition of these SM-modules you could even also feed the preamplifier and other parts from the same Power Supply. The Power Supply below (middle) f.e. gives ±60V (8A), ±15V (0,33A) and +5V (4A). Just and only connect a single Transformer.
VR-JTL30 with ±15V and 5V.   Pin header
VR-JTL30xx pin mounted on PS-UN63S
VR-JTL30 with ±15V and 5V. Schrew Version
VR-JSE08            VR-JTF08           VR-JTF10           VR-JTF12          VR-JTF15

VR-RDC20            VR-JTL30         VR-RDC30         VR-JTL-40        VR-RDC40

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