ELTIM DIY speakers

We at ELTIM audio build speakers since around 1980. All nice but all the same non musical, technical sound and way to "pointy".....   So, we tried something most promising, but hardly ever succesfull: serial crossovers. No known calculation program can design something like that and no wonder, it's simply too complicated. We made our own, non commercial calculation program and the acoustic and impedance results we see in graphs. Every changed part value shows significant changes in the responses! After some years of using it we know exactly how to work with it and find the best solution to make a speaker sounding as a single unit, no lobes, no impedance rises, and especially no phase jumps killing the 3D presentation, etc.
With our Europe wide main distributor function for Morel drivers (till 2014) we know what they can do really and appear to be capable of making very well functioning speakers using serial crossovers. While using these Morel drive units the sound is always deep, clear, very impulse rich (listening too to PINK FLOYD while typing this, using our Pre-330, demo power amp and CA-625). Volume up, more, more.... Amazing.
Yes, we also know that serial crossovers don't work and neither 6/6dB crossovers. All parroting each other, but ever tried?  We did and succeeded.
We have had many visitors, audiophiles and "normal" people.  All open mouth, goose pimples and even tears. No marketing, plain truth. Come and listen too.  Bring your own music (no today's "software" please).

Due to our over 30 years of experience with Morel units we know that about all calculating programs give incorrect results somehow. No bass? Untrue. Actually, a 16cm gives more precise and deeper bass than a regular 20cm does, but not according to these software programs somehow. Saturated mids? Untrue> wrong (common) crossover design. Inefficient? Our headphone amp module gives enough power for louder than normal level. 400Wrms on a 16cm unit (150W rated)? Our Accuphase P-450 did many times and all still live. You know that around 0,5 - 1W average is speech level?  CAT338 is in our opinion the worlds most honest tweeter for 35 years already! Nothing added, nothing left out.   Heard of 6Moons?  Read this.  Even MOREL staff was amazed while visiting us.  " Louis, how are you doing that, this is not possible", said Mr. Nir Paz, Morel general Manager.  "Huh? This is the midrange in our Fat Lady...., the bass is amazing, and even cymbals truly sing"  So no tssj, tsjjj, as we here everywhere nor seal barking, double frequency lows, but stomache solid and true bass making everybody smile within 5 seconds. What no low frequency?  From a 16cm unit? Yes, we know that it is not possible, but still we do, sorry. Right now still listening to that Youtube and the bass assists so nice.... it makes you smile indeed, can't stop listening actually.

The cabinets we make in our own carpentry shop and make them as you want them. We use professional, very smooth MDF mostly, which is completely different material than the hardware store stuff. Our speakers only can do this while using quality parts and drive units, so the prices are not the lowest in the market.

For the DIY community we can make crossovers as well in may variants using our XO-1 PCB.

2-way stand speakers

E-420    (Morel ET-448 / EW428)

CA-620  (Morel CAT298 / CAW638)

CA-621  (Morel CAT308 / CAW638)

E-620     (Morel ET338 / EW638)

E-621     (Morel ET338 / ECW638)

2-way column speakers
CA-625  (Morel CAT308 / CAW638)  

Fullrange speakers

S614  "Solo"    Morel SCW634


CA-911   (Morel CAW-938) assisting CA-621