ELTIM High-End modular power amps

Our ELTIM High-End modular built power amplifier modules appear to be able to compete even with highest quality brands. This statement is not coming from us but from numerous people who listened to it. Several of them are highly regarded audio entrepeneurs. Their opinion means a lot to us and we hope also to you. You can read their remarks on a special page. For Dutch or German remarks, change the language flag on top.

ELTIM High-End amplifiers are split in a Voltage (input) stage, processing the small input voltages and a current (output) stage, which proesses the high speaker currents.

While doing so, the PCB layouts become way simpler, elektromagnetic interferences between
tracks placed under 90º minimised, etc.

The resulting "tubelike" open sound
is pleasant, remarkable and interesting.

CS-80/VS-20 on suiting heatsink 200x80mm,
will be replaced by CS-150, 240x75mm

Our most "simple" design with
VS-5 (input) and CS-35 (output),  
100-150Wrms, 150x50x40mm.
Also available with integrated power supply.

We made our High-End amps modules in a modular way where every module has a specific task and built the best possible way to do this:
  • Voltage stage modules, transferring the input signal capable to drive the also required Current Stage (CS) modules.
  • Current Stage modules receive signals from any VS-module and provide the high speaker currents.
  • Our linear operating Power Supply modules provide the required symmetrical power from the net grid.
  • Optional Voltage Regulator module, providing regulated voltages to a VS-module.

We read that some people believe that a VS module is a preamplifier module. This is not the case, a VS and CS module form together a complete power amplifier module system, divided in two parts.  While doing so, our amps perform as they do ashtonishing well as noted by more and more people.

An example with a mix of our modules:

One of our prototype test modules mounted to a 300x120x40mm MODU heatsink.
In the centre of it a VS-20 input module. In front a PS-3 true 4-pole power supply module.
On that module a VR board is placed (not visible), regulating supply for VS-input module.
This makes a total of four modules, without any wiring required,
except for the transformer and input/output leads.

With a complete new 2024 line of CS-modules we leave the idea that left/right extra
modules could be connected resulting in even more simpe layout and wider tracks.
We now use about the full format of matching MODU cabinets.

In the subcategories below we show every specific module function.

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