ELTIM High-End amp modules

High End / Reference Power Amplifier modules
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If you decide to build one of our systems, please read the info bulletins of the modules.
We found out that some DIY'ers made a mess, because they didn't read these docs.

VS-modules (Voltage Stages), transform the line input signal
to signals capable of driving any CS-board below.
You require a VS and a CS module to make a working Power Amplifer!

On this module we use regular SMD transistors
(exactly in the middle very close to each other)
in the double mirror input circuit.
Standard TO-126 driving transistors

On this module we use a THAT340 transistor array IC
(exactly in the middle at backside) in the double input mirror
circuit.  2x NPN and 2x PNP are matched within 500uV.
Epitaxial SMD driving transistors.

CS-modules (Current Stages), transform the signals
coming from a VS-module into a solid speaker signal.

Current stage module with integrated Power Supply.

Works perfect in modest (100-150W) amplifier designs.

Due to the compact format also recommended in
integrated designs and smaller monoblock setups.
In that case also use our CD-40MB modules.

This module is mounted as most other amplifier modules.

Instead of the output transistors we also have types
with connectors where our CD- transistor array
modules can be connected.
With up to 4 pairs of 16A top class mosfets
you can make about any power you want.
Actually up to around 2kW.
Then the required impressive power supply
feeds these transistor arracy modules directly.

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With the power Mosfets flat mounted in the middle and at the backside of the PCB, the following modules
are sandwich mounted to a cooling surface.  Due to this (and more) the amp stays about cool
under all circomstances. Heating it up before listening makes so sence, it will become hand warm tops.
Also, due to the multi screw contacts to a massive surface, there are no microphonic effects.

Our most compact sandwich mounted modules.
There is space for just a single pair of Mosfets.
Double sided FR4+ board, 2x 35um copper.

Some extra Power Supply capacitors can be
mounted  very close to the power Mosfets  
assuring a "punch" most amplifiers lack.

Similar as CS-80, but with wider and 70um tracks.

There is plenty of space for a single pair of Mosfets.
Due to the space there were no sacrifies
required  in the PCB layout.
Double sided FR4+ board, 2x 70um copper.

Extra Power Supply capacitors and some
MKP capacitors can be mounted  
very close to the power Mosfets  
assuring a nice punch and fine detail.

Similar as CS-120, yet even wider and thicker tracks.

Double pairs of power Mosfets flat mounted around
the centre at the backside of the PCB.
Double sided FR4+ board, 2x 120um copper.

A lot of extra Power Supply capacitors and/or several
types of MKP capacitors (f.e. MESGO, etc) can be mounted
very close to the power Mosfets, assuring a power
"punch" and extreme fine detail that will amaze you.

NOTE: due to price competative reasons we don't
mount these extra capacitors on CS-80/120/165 any more.
Other brands don't even have space for these caps.
On request we can mount about any type you want.

You want to know all there is to tell about how we did it? Download the (long) infobulletin.
We also made a short version where just the possibilities are explained.

Since there is a tendency to go "digital" we made an interesting document about that as well.

After a few years we hear people talking about their "ELTIM", meaning an ELTIM Amplifier. Nice....
According to several owners, they beat about all top class amps in the market (> € 10.000,- )
More punch, more detail, better 3D, better control, more music, etc.  
For less than half the price, bespoke, HANDBUILT.   Or build your own!

Compare the sound with similar YouTubes.