ELTIM products reactions

Below we list the english reactions from people who listended to our amplifier(modules)
or like to share their experiences while listening to one of our amps they bought.
WARNING: listening with ELTIM equipment will cost you al lot of time, see comments -)

Hi Louis,
I will make a new order. My needs also have changed meanwhile. Thank you for the innovative spirit.
Best wishes,

Note LT: Vitalis is the first using our new VS-50 modules, replacing his VS-20 modules.

The Dayton subs arrived just now.  All perfect.  Thanks for the careful packaging.
Kind regards

The amplifier is now completely finished and sounds fantastic! The basses are very tight and the middle and high have a lot of dynamics and are never aggressive, the sound comes close to my tube amplifier.
As you know, I built the Eltim modules in a Sansui AU-5900 cabinet. I removed the existing power amplifier and converted the chassis so that there is enough space for the ELTIM modules. The owner of the Sansui wanted to retain the view of the amplifier and we succeeded.
The performance of the new whole is a serious upgrade. The project has been ready for a while, but I didn't find the time to send this mail to you ... buzy life of an audio freak at rest.

Thanks again for your support !

Frank Wybouw


October 15, 2021
Must say that the ELTIM PA-3886 compared to the other LM3886 amplifiers pulled out with head and shoulders, it sounds by far the best! Yet, the First Watt amplifiers from Nelson Pass also sound very good. Only these produce a lot of heat!
My first Eltim CS-40ps could not appeal to me, i felt something was out of phase or something like that. Something seemed to be wrong somehow. But at that time i didn't have high quality speakers to judge them.
When I had sold them via Marktplaats I got the question from the buyer "what kind of amplifier do you use now", and I was told in the next answer "This sounds so incredibly good that I have sold my expensive tube amplifier" .........
I then believed something esle had gone wrong and decided for a new attempt to build my second ELTIM VS-20/CS-40ps. Now also just want to use class parts (MLGO, Ena Simic, Dale RN, etc)

When it is finished i will tell my findings!

Regards, Guido

ELTIM note:  you can build it with specific parts, from cost effective to highest quality, as listed with the article!

november 2020
Because of the way to early depart (oct 2020) of two fantastic people, here the 6moons.com review (oct 2012) from Marja & Henk, listening to our SOLO speaker.

At the Dutch X-Fi audio show a few weeks ago, one of the first rooms we visited made the deepest impression on us. We were excited over a very simply dressed room without anything fancy in it. In the back were some components which the company markets, in the middle stood the usual few seats and at the front wall sat a simple Furnaud rack with an almost vintage Accuphase CD player, pre and power amp. Next to the rack were two slender speakers at first sight single-driver’d connected with somewhat unruly loudspeaker cable. The full rich music in this room simply could not come from that setup. There had to be another source hidden somewhere. Under a display table perhaps?    Read the complete review, happened word for word.

6 August 2020
I received the 2 pcb’s LinBout-1646 which I had ordered from you. I powered them with +- 61.9 Volts from the main rails from my power amplifier and the sound is excellent! Crystal clear and not so “transistor like”, just as you described at the pdf  “ELTIM LinBout-1646”. I didn’t expect better sound quality, so I am quite satisfied.


June 24 2020:
After retuning (120mm Monoblocks, LT) to my supply voltages the modules are working perfectly. I've essentially started to listen my entire record collection anew. Now I've noticed that the system is rather unforgiving for the poor recording quality, especially for the abominable decades of digital craze (1980-2000). But the good monophonic records (e.g. Audite's Amadeus quartet, Warner's Busch, EMI's Casals, Berl. Phil. Furtwaengler etc.) reveal force and emotions never experienced. Of course, the best ever stereo recordings of 1958-1975 sound phenomenal!
The system very well recognizes the current recordings of exceptional quality. E.g. my favourite label cpo stands very well against the scrutiny by these new amps. I've known for some time many a gem of this label but now the listening of e.g. symphonies of F. Ries is simply breathtaking!
Many thanks for the spectacular engineering,

Note ELTIM:  he built two 80mm versions last year, in future used for mid/high as even next level dual ELTIM monoblock power / channel.

June 4th 2020:
(answering to a question, LT)
reg. amp:  Regulator voltages are fine, amp is working perfect and stable.
Now your modules are on HF and MF channels, and music sounds fantastic!
reg. switchboard: I am happy that you are developing it because I feel that on the following holiday I will have an urge to assemble a pre-amp.
reg. crossover: K231 sounds OK but is very sensitive to static. Once I touched the pot, and one of the opamps (in HF channel) got burned. I've replaced it with OPA4134 (instead of original 1654), and highs at once became more transparent. Seems that it has nice assembly and not bad schematics (though too complex IMO) but elements could certainly be better. Therefore, I am very happy that you are going to make something in that direction.
Best wishes, Vitalis  
(Just finished the 120mm monoblocks (used on LF) after listening to 80mm ones (now on MF) for about a year now, LT)
(Btw: we use OPA2134 and brothers for a reason, LT)


March 30th, 2019:
This time i like to share something I myself (Louis Timmers, ELTIM) experienced in an evening of enjoying music as you do:
Finally, yesterday I (from ELTIM audio BV, 2001, NL) had some time to visit one of our many customers MC Systems (since 1983) in Groningen (NL), where Rob Meyst developes and manufactures amazing sounding speakers with at the same time fabulous and unusual made enclosures.
Rob has a double life and at daytime he is a dentist. In the many other hours he is the brain behind MC-Systems with patents on his name, used in most of his speakers.
So, the visit had to be in the evening and we agreed also to listen briefly to our ELTIM demo amplifier in order to show and demonstrate what we do today amongst the distribution of all the nice audio parts on  www.eltim.eu.  Rob, as precise as he is, studied our amp most detailed and wondered if this really could beat his very nice equipment. It ended up in two hours of breathless listening to the combination of our about most basic amplifier we can make and Rob's latest achievement, the MP 3.1 floor standing 2-way speaker.
First we listened about 15 minutes to the setup Rob mostly uses, sounding very nice indeed, yet to me a bit "pointy" as we hear about all over unfortunatelly. Then followed about two breathles and really speachles hours for both of us with our amp connected. Magazines are full of superlatives about quality of speakers and equipment. Rob however made a statement in one of the few sentences he spoke: "I believed Bruce Springsteen can't really sing, but he can obviously". Actually, I also didn't hear him sing like that before. Amazing. We listened to all kinds of music from golden oldies via Latin salsa up to real heavy stuff. The speakers as well as (again: most basic) amplifier did it all, leaving us behind at 22.15 in a most relaxed mood, as it always should be while listening to music.
Nice, and at least for me it was exciting as well to listen to this combination in the very heart where all MC speakers are born. We made some video's and put one of them them on YouTube, an instrumental melody. Others are refused by YouTube.
Since it's recorded with a Nokia 8 smartphone and you listen/watch the video with other equipment yourself, of course you can't reproduce at home what we experienced, but you can have an idea though and compare it with other similar video's.
Our first similar relaxed sounding preamplifier modules are already sold and now we are drawing cabinets for them. Soon there will be ELTIM bespoke built preamps as well. More soon.
It will be no surprise that for coming week our demo amp is not available -)  Yet, you can reserve it at  info@eltim.eu  and listen to/with it in your own environment with your own music and setup.

 MC speakers: www.mc-systems.com           ELTIM bespoke amplifiers: www.eltimaudio.com

Jan. 10th 2017:
The last time we had contact was on the 4th of june 2016 and was about your A2300HRQ, which i then bought in ready built modules. A few months ago, i added a pair of nice Cine-Mag input transformers. The galvanic separated, balanced inputs they brought, gave the amplifier an even nicer soundstage. With this addition my amplifier is tuned to the max and also burned in now. In fact, i'm enjoying a remarkable fast, powerfull, neutral, transparent and spatial reproduction every day again. Its a huge pleasure listening to any kind of music. Couldn't believe at first that a class AB amplifier with this low idle current (30mA, LT) was able to present this fantastic image…     I don't need to border about the amplifier and in fact it works invisible, which at the same time is the best compliment an amplifier can get.
Bert H.

Sept. 16th, 2015:
We compared your amp with others over and over and are still enthousiastic! THIS AMPLIFIER HAS TO BE IN OUR SYSTEM !
S.M. Germany

Sept 9th 2015:
You didn't promise to much! The ELTIM demo amp (A2300HRQ) sounds outstanding and fits nicely in our setup!. We are enthousiastic !
S.M.   Germany


May 5th 2015:
I started to solder the components, it really makes fun to do it. You are a genius! Your PCB's are very clever constructed.
Sharief B.  (our first DIY customer)

26 january 2015
A complete reliving. This afternoon Harry came by, wanted to listen. “I don't hear an amplifier” really, that were his words.. “I only hear music, oh what beautiful…”. Stringquartet of Shostakovisch "closed the door" for Harry. He was totally speechless. “this is scary, they are sitting in this room, playing”. It simply is very beautiful indeed. Jim Reeves (record of the 60's) i simply heard new things. Violinsonata of  Elgar with Kennedy audible vibrato, never heard before ( i always had it with me while visiting an audio store). Well, i can go on like this, but you understand that i am NOT exaggerating. You can, when you're on a show or having somebody on the phone, give my tel nr so they can hear it from me.   You delivered a masterpiece.
Later we modified it with some larger transformers and replaced some PS elco's by V-Caps, LT
This picture is this final version.

14 nov 2014:
I visited you last week to listen to your new solid-state amplifier designs and this was a surprise for me; the amplifier you demonstrated (A3300HE, LT) really sounded exceptional good; the image was completely clean, refined, with a lot of calmness and nice colors in the instrument sounds and voices and with the unmistakable magic tube ampifiers are characterized with. At Musical Affairs we are tube amplifier adepts and these always combine very nice with our high efficient fullrange loudspeakers, but since a part of our customers for several reasons prefer a solid-state amplifier, we are looking for years for solid-state amplifiers we can recommend to our customers and so far we only could recommend a very few. We have listened to a lot of solid-state amplifiers, f.e. we had a FirstWatt F3 Jfet amplifier in our demoroom for years, a design from Nelson Pass having great reviews and also your own Accuphase P-450 had, as i experienced at your place, had to acknowledge your amplifier to be better and this you have to note as a big compliment. For me this was the first affordable solid-state amplifier sounding as a good tube amplifier, which i find very remarkable and a huge compliment to you.
I wish you a lot of succes with your new amplifier line and i assure you that we will order one for demo's in our listening room. (and they did, A2280RQ, serial nr 0002, LT)
Hans Kortenbach,  Musical Affairs.   Unfortunatelly Mr. Kortenbach died at 7 januari 2017.

2 okt 2014:
First listening session we have behind us now. We are simply crushed by the musicality. B. even became emotional. Super, what a great amplifier your prototype is !
FvdN in A.  (NL)
Note ELTIM:  FvdN bought our very first built amlifier, A3300HRQ, serial number 0001 -)

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