Shows where we participate:

Back home from some busy days....

We  introduced and demo'd our P3230 preamplifier (here with 40mm istead of planned 50mm knobs)
powering our M2280 monoblocks

, in turn setting the MC-Systems M3.2 speakers in fire.

We appreciate that people obviously have read our idea of closed door demo's and
followed it most of the time. Due to this our demo's were an island of musical emotion at
normal audio level in a blurr of powered sounds we heard while opening the door again.
This precaution and the quality of sound reproduced lead to several remarkeble notes
people made, f.e. "finaly we hear music", "rest in my head", etc.  
Also remarkable: we splitted our room for two demo setups.
The other one was from Quad-Raat, demonstrating a setup in total of only € 4000,-.
While demonstrating both the sets, even people sitting at "the wrong side"
of the room were seriously enjoining the presentation and were surprised about this
We already could read it from the faces.      Thanks people.