AHP Klangmodul IVi, fuseholder 32A/400V, excl. fuse

Replace the fuse in your fusebox and be surprised....

AHP Klangmodul IVi, fuseholder 32A/400V, excl. fuse
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Have your standard flipfuse in your fusebox replaced by this AHP Klangmodul IVi and be surprised what it matters.

NOTE: order the required fuse seperately!
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On the internet lots of positive is mentioned about the AHP Klangmodul and as we expereienced ourselves, it's all true, it DOES matter.
Always a bit point S and T sounds? Replace the fuse in our fusebox (and if possible all fuses in your set) by AHP fuses.
Placing this Klangmodule in your fusebox has to be done by skilled people only.

Since the Internet is a thing for all and everybody can write what they want, we need to counter one issue !
Some mention that replacing the copper tube in the N-line also by an 10mm AHP fuse will even improve sound quality.
THIS MAY SO, BUT IS PROHIBITED BY LAW and even dangerous. Why?

Imagine there is something wrong in your electric circuit or equipment and this AHP Klangmodul comes in action. The weakest of the two fuses will blow then. Let's say the one in the N-line blows. All circuits are switched off indeed, because the N-connection now fails. BUT, the P-(brown)  line is still "hot" (leading voltage) as well as the power inside your electronics. Since there is a failure somewhere serious harm still can be done and even worse, in the believe that all is powerless, you could modify/enter your electronics in the believe power is off, which it still isn't. SO: ignore all this non-technician crap talk please for your own safety !


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