Thermolamina Floor Heating Foil

The products below indeed do NOT belong in our Webshop. BUT, as we found out ourselves it is that easy to install and that efficient that we decided to become a dealer of it and present it to you. We use it from september 2018 in our living room of aprox. 60m³ in an old building with concrete floor. Medio december we calculated that we use 1kW/h average (=17W/m³, 24/7) only. Your use of gas and/or other "fuel" will drop dramatically though.

–  Easy to install
–  Simple, 2-wire connection
–  Works under about any floor
–  Super thin, <0,5mm
–  Invisible
–  Very efficient  (avg. ca. 17W/m³)
–  Maintenance free
–  Soundless
–  No (resp. less) CV radiators
–  No (less) pipes over the walls
–  More space for furniture  
–  Ideal temperature spread  
–  No/less air displacement
–  No humidity changes
–  Keeps the floor dry
–  More comfort for allergy patiënts
–  Easy to program
–  230/240Vac,  50/60Hz
–  European manufacture (Herga, Spanje)

Installing and use can be explained at best with an instruction video.

Download here the instructions with specifications, etc.  (in NL)

Standard we supply a simple thermostat with every roll. We introduce this fantastic product with the possibility of a digital thermostat of Dutch manufacture for only € 25,-

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