Radiator ventilators

With these radiator fan systems, the cold air is sucked in through small fans and  is "pushed in" the radiator, resulting in more capacity for your radiator.
  • Increases the capacity of the radiator.
  • Due to the larger capacity faster heating of the room.
  • Due to a higher airflow speed, the heat is distributed more/better in the room.
  • By maintaining the same heating rate as before, the boiler temperature can be lowered.
  • It switches itself on when the radiator gets warmer than approx. 35ºC and switches off again at 22ºC.
  • The three fans hardly use any power and make virtually no noise.
  • Plug and play system, no technical knowledge required.
  • Winner of the Dutch 'Best Green Invention 2022'
  • Is produced / assembled in the Netherlands by people with a distance to the labor market.
  • 10 year warranty
  • The savings can amount to 22% per radiator.

The system can be mounted in an instant (5 min?) by means of built-in magnets on/under almost any radiator system. Plug in the plugs of the supplied adapter power supply and thermostat switch, you don't have to be "handy" for that. Almost the only condition is that a reasonably forced air movement (a kind of vertical duct) must be possible due to the radiator construction.
  • Click under the most commonly used radiators with two plates at a distance of at least 7cm
  • Under radiators with a plate distance of less than 7 cm > turn the magnets over and click on them.
  • behind radiators with a single plate > turn the magnets around and clamp them between the wall and the plate.
  • On pit convectors > mount the supplied feet and place on the convector.
  • One unit (with 3 fans) is recommended per approx. 50-70 cm radiator width.
  • Kits available with one, two or three units, including associated power supply and cables.
  • Expansion set available.

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