VOXATIV High End loudspeakers

VOXATIV from Berlin, Germany is only one of the very few companies succeeding in production
of single-driver fullrange loudspeaker systems, all and everything handmade in house.
If you visit a show where they attend, don't forget to visit them and have a one time listening experience -)
But a warning is at place: perhaps you won't like all the other speakers anymore then, simply
because VOXATIV speakers lack all the issues multiway speakers inevidably face by law of nature.
Read here what the press has to say about their products.

As a company mostly selling our own electronics modules and a lot of other parts for
audio electronics and loudspeakers to manufacturers, dealers and the DIY market, we are pretty
proud to be one of the only very few partners this remarkable company trusts and has worldwide.
Perhaps other companies have the same trust in us and follow someday?

Below the listing of todays speaker program, all hand made in Berlin with greatest care.
Please note that most of the pricing is based on a matched pair of speakers!
Please also note that VOXATIV themselves list prices in USD, excl. VAT !
For a correct VAT% calculation, please select your country: