LED drivers

The LED dot/bar drivers are part of the very few "ever lasting" IC's and are available for over 40 years, like uA741, NE555, LM317, etc.

With these LED bar driver IC's you can make a LED indication very easy and cheap.
We found a website with practical tips of how they work and how to wire them up.

Note that production ofLM3914/16 DIP18 versions will be stopped soon, so only for hobby projects!.
The LM3915 (6dB log scale) amd LM3916 (VU-scale) can't be found about anywhere any more.

The LM3914 (with a linear scale) will continue to excist in a PLCC20 SMD package though!
People believe that is it out also, but this is the lead containing (LM3914XV) version only!
LM3914V/NOPB is lead free and will still be available.
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