MONACOR CAAD-4.2, Speaker/crossover calculation software

Crossovers 1st -4th order and cabinet calculations

MONACOR CAAD-4.2,  Speaker/crossover calculation software
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  • User screen with menu-controlled MDI (multiwindow method)
  • Any desired distance measurements with mouse cursor in the cabinet graphics
  • Simultaneous display possible of up to 6 curves (for comparison)
  • Online selection of 7 languages
  • Database update at the push of a button
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This simulation software offers more than just the basic presentation of acoustic results to be expected.
An essential part of the function is that recommended cabinet dimensions are optimised. These cabinet forms meet the complex requirements concerning speaker dimensions, volume and bass-reflex openings which may exist regarding diameter and length. These cabinet forms also correspond to a favourable distribution as far as possible of cavity resonances and to a reduction of air flow noise.
In addition to the use of CAAD-4.2 for developing purposes, it is also of special advantage to search for replacement speakers especially suitable for existing or specified cabinets.The approximation methods work highly effective on the basis of generally accessible basic input data and include both mechanical and acoustic parameters.


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