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MODU 1MAL02N, Milled handles, 2U, black

Price per pair Includes 2 handles, 8x M4 bolts, 4 braces. NOTE: SLIMELINE 2U needs extra work

MODU 1MAL02N, Milled handles, 2U, black
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Due to our customers need to add innovative accessories to their cases, we have created this line of milled, oxidised, aluminium handles to give a more professional finish. They are available in oxidised, black and silver and are between 2U and 5U high. They can be used on our new 10 mm fronts and are adaptable for Slim Line 4 mm fronts, Heavy and Dissipating Heavy lines. This handles are great, not only for their style, but also for their toughness. The legs are made of hand brushed, 10 mm thick aluminium.
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