MODU Monoblock

MODU Monoblock cabinets
Full Aluminium model
Front panel finish:
silver or black anodised, brushed
Front panel:
10mm Aluminium, oversized
Top/bottom panel:
3mm Aluminium, black anodised, with venting
Back panel:
3mm Aluminium, black anodized
Side panels:
-  3mm aluminium panels at both sides
-  2x 40mm Aluminium Heatsinks + 3mm sidepanel
-  2x2   40mm Aluminium Heatsinks as sides
Width external:
310 mm
Height external:
Depth external:
Width internal:
230 mm
Depth internal:
400 mm
Height internal:
159 mm
Self supporting frame
Pierced base (30kg max.) chassis

The "base model" (top picture) with 2 heatsinks on one side and a flat panel on the other side
comes equipped with a longer front panel which covers the whole surface
of the self-sustaining structure and the lateral heatsinks while the
other two models use a shorter front panel which only covers the structure.

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