IMG Class-D Amplifiers

Digital amplifiers from IMG STAGELINE are designed to meet highest requirements regarding performance.
They provide an impressively quiet operation and feature very compact dimensions.
Thus, our digital full amplifiers are suitable for both fixed installations and mobile use.

Digital amplifiers still DO NOT excist. Period. Oeps.
As here, class-D amplifiers are mentioned as beeing "digital" amplifiers.
Class-D however uses Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), which is an analog process.
This also means that, unlike in digital processes, there are an infinite numbers of "steps".
Class-D is switching indeed, but that has nothing with bits and bytes, etc.
as most non-technicians believe. The phrase "Digital" sells better though.....
Especially in high power purposes class-D has an efficiency advantage
(less heat produced) over conventional true analogue amplifiers.
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