DAS Qantum Series

Systems for fixed-venue installations with outstanding speech intelligibility and configurable response,
ideal for spaces with complex acoustic conditions and immersive experiences.

The Quantum Series enclosures are manufactured from extruded aluminum. This make them highly resistant in all kinds of adverse environments.

The twin walls ensure that the cabinet itself is mechanically and sonically "dead"; you only hear the sound coming from the quality fullrange unit(s). This is a huge advantage, especially where long echo's are heard, like in churches, large halls, stations, etc.

Since this range is meant for use in relatively large areas, 70/100V Line transformers are factory mounted as standard, so long speaker wires can be used.

An optional IP-54 kit can be provided for systems that will be installed outdoors.

The Quantum mid-high cabinets are available in any RAL color on request.
As standard they are available in black or white.
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