MONACOR AKB-400DSP, Active speaker module with DSP technolo

2x185W/8 Ω, 2x400W/4 Ω, THD < 0,004%, S/N > 100dB

MONACOR AKB-400DSP,  Active speaker module with DSP technolo
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Manufacturer MONACOR
Article codeAKB400DSP
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  • 2-channel active module (class D)
  • 400 W/4 Ω
  • 2-channel DSP
  • 4 presets can be programmed and stored
  • Supplied with software (Windows* XP, Vista/7/8)
  • Parameters to be controlled via software: Biquad filter functions (bell, notch, all-pass, low-shelf, high-shelf, band-pass, high-pass, low-pass), delay, input gain control, master volume, low cut
  • Short-circuit proof
  • Overtemperature protection
  • Supplied without mains cable, matching mains cable AAC-115P is available at option

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DSP-controlled digital amplifier technology, for speaker building concepts.
Speaker systems with digital signal processors (DSP) allow completely new possibilities. With the active speaker module AKB-400DSP, this technology is now applied in speaker building concepts. It is both suitable for 2-way speakers and for the application in an active subwoofer. The programming is carried out via a user-friendly software. For this purpose, the computer is connected to the module via a USB cable. A total of 400 W at 4 Ω can be provided as desired, e.g. 400 W for subwoofer operation, 2 x 200 W for 2-way speakers or 350 W for a bass speaker and 50 W for a tweeter. HOBBY HiFi 09/2016
"Up to 13 filters can be combined. You can even import frequency response measurements ... it is possible to combine the complete amplifier output power available in one channel which allows this module to provide power for a subwoofer, too."
Klang+Ton 01/2016
"The MenhirL is an extra transparent speaker; provides a dynamic and pleasant sound for most versatile applications; delivers a very emotional sound; meets every requirement - that's how a speaker should be. Reader's project MenhirL in the Klang+Ton using SP-38A/500BS, MRD-300 and AKB-400DSP."


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