High Power Metal Foil resistors which offer low noise performance and have excellent high frequency characteristics. These resistors are highly recommended for use in amplification circuit and loudspeaker crossovers, as well as any other high power Electronic Circuits.
On using precision resistor material (stainless steel layer), which has been vaporised onto the ceramic body in high vacuum, the highest accuracy of the given tolerances at good high frequency characteristics is reached. The desired resistance value is achieved through the etching or grating of the coils.

- Construction/case style: TO 247
- Temperature coefficient: 50 ppm/'K
- Operating temperature range: -55°C-+125°C
- Power rating: 3W; with heatsink; 10W
- Dimensions: 15x22x4mm
- Voltage rating: 500V
- Insulation rating: 500VAC
- Resistance tolerance: 1%
- Available values: 0.22 - 47 Ohms
- Non-inductive & non-magnetic construction
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