The resistor layer consists of a metallic oxide, in most cases of a tin oxide layer of approx. 1mm thickness. The outer shell consists of a silicone coating. These layer resistors are depleted of inductance and can carry a considerably higher load than coal layer resistors of the same type. The resistors (IT, type series MOX) have a rated loadcarrying capacity of 10 watt. The ohmic resistances lie between the values of 0.22 Ohm and 47 Ohm. Special features of MOX4 and MOX10 are that they both have very low inductance as well as a flame-retardant encapsulation. All resistors are colour coded.

-Rated power handling = 10W at 70oC
- Maximum working voltage = 450V
- Resistance tolerance: +/-2% (values less than 1 Ohm +/- 5%)
- Resistance values available: 0.22 Ohms - 47 Ohms
- Connections: Axial/tinned copper lead-out wire
- Temperature Co-efficient: +/-300 PPM/oC
- Very low inductance
- Flame-retardant encapsulation.
- All resistors are colour coded.
- Connecting lead length - 37mm (lead diameter = 0.8mm)
- Resistor dimensions: length = 51mm, diameter = 8mm
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