The resistor layer consists of a metallic oxide, in most cases of a tin oxide layer of approx. 1mm thickness. The outer shell consists of a silicone coating. These layer resistors are depleted of inductance and can carry a considerably higher load than coal layer resistors of the same type. The resistors (IT, type series MOX) have a rated loadcarrying capacity of 4 watt. The ohmic resistances lie between the values of 0.22 Ohm and 47 Ohm. Special features of MOX4 and MOX10 are that they both have very low inductance as well as a flame-retardant encapsulation. All resistors are colour coded.

- Rated power handling = 4W at 70ºC
- Maximum working voltage = 450V
- Resistance tolerance: +/-2%
   (values less than 1 Ohm +/- 5%)
- Resistance values available: 0.22 Ohms - 47 Ohms
- Connections: Axial/tinned copper lead-out wire
- Temperature Co-efficient: +/-300 PPM/ºC
- Very low inductance
- Flame-retardant encapsulation
- All resistors are colour coded.
- Connecting lead length = 30mm (lead diameter = 0.8mm)
- Resistor dimensions: length=18mm, diameter=6mm

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