Search engine / Smartphone use

Unlike many other webshops, our search function works similar as f.e. Google search functionality. Our system simply searches the phrase(s) in our complete system, so also in texts. Just enter one or more phrases, seperated by a space. Our system will show you all the parts where somewhere in the according text this phrase is/are used.
Example: you are looking for a coil with a certain value (in mH) and want to compare the specs, like internal resistance and/or dimensions (and price). Just type the value, f.e. 1,0mH and our system shows all available variants, including all the specs.

-   Typing " Morel tweeter " will show all tweeters of this brand,
-   Typing " woofer 10"  " will show you all the 10" woofers in our program,
-   Typing " tweeter  25mm " will show all our 25mm tweeters.
-   Even searching for specs works, f.e. " VAS=10 " and/or " Qts=0,5" or
    " 10uF " and/or " 400V " works and show all 10uF/400V types.
-   etc.

Typing under/uppercast makes no difference. It searches after every letter you type, so the more you type the narrower the search becomes. So, you even don't need to use the ENTER key.

If you click on an article, a new screen is shown where mostly more info is presented, like additional info, larger pictures, our stock position, etc.

You have found out that our website also is optimised for smartphone/tablet users? It has a different presentation then and also changes while rotating the screen.
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