We provide hundreds of Toroidal transformers, mostly from the high quality TOROIDY,  TALEMA and spme other brands.

Since January 2021, we distribute the Polish TOROIDY transformers, producing the most fantastic toroidal transformers, standard or shielded. There are three quality levels available. The price is very interesting, even though it is an EU-based company with its own high-quality production facilities. This brand offers all power transformers with single or double secondary windings. Just about all possible secondary voltages are available. Click on the article and find more details. Choose the number of secundary windings and voltage (s) and place your order. The desired voltage is not in the list? Choose "other" and indicate the voltage in the comment line on your order form. Above 50V there is a surcharge on delivery!
They also manufacture all kinds of (power and output) toroidal transformers for tube electronics. If you are interested in that, please contact us.

-Like other brands
transformers with
2x Gummidishes + Bolt
-Primary/Secundary shielded
-Encapsulated with Mylar Tape
-Epoxy resin filled core
-Primary/Secundary shielded
- Completely encapsulated
-Polished steel enclosure
-Optional chassisplate