Since January 2021, we distribute the Polish (EU) TOROIDY transformers, producing the most fantastic toroidal transformers, standard, shielded or even shielded/potted in fancy polished steel in a range 30 - 2000VA. It is an EU-based company with its own high-quality testing and production facilities.
With all the variant voltages, number of windings, etc., it is impossible to hold stock of all available types. The lower than regular price has to come from somewhere: every order is processed seperately and so has to be planned into production. This takes around 2-3 weeks and a week travel to us. Some see this as a disadvantage, most customers welcome the significant lower price and the opportunity to receive exactly the transformer they want, since TOROIDY can supply them in the range of 10 - 230Vac secundary, mostly in 1 Volt steps (we only list standard values) and as a single or double secundary windings type. Primary is always a single 230Vac winding. If you want, they even add an extra secundary winding(s) for you. Ask for the price of a special version (non standard voltage and/or extra winding(s)) per mail.  
TOROIDY also produces special toroidal power- and output transformers for tube based circuits, also ask for a price for your tube project.

-Standard grade
-Built like other
brands transformers
-2x Neoprene dishes
-Non-elastic foil insulation
- Steel top dish.
- Audio grade
-Primary/Secundary shielded
-Encapsulated with tight,
elastic, black Mylar Tape
-Epoxy resin filled core (M5/6)
-Ground shielding
-Neoprene dish.
-Supreme Audio grade
-Primary/Secundary shielded
- Completely encapsulated
-Polished steel enclosure
-Epoxy resin filled
- Ground shielding
-Optional chassisplate (picture)

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