Turntable replacement Styli

Due to the huge choice in replacement Styli, even very old ones, we made a selection in Alphabetical Brand name order. For the same reason we hardly have any on stock, but our solid and reliable source has, and ships fast. Shipping from us within a week is regular.
Please note that specificall old types of needles are N.O.S., meaning that they coould be stocked for many years already. We should be happy with that, because these types aren't made for decades any more. The same for several other needles, only available as copies today.

Since people sent back old needles and requested a refund we
do not grant returning needles! Make sure you order the correct one.
There are many hundreds, we cannot assist in finding correct ones for you.

Some styli fit in more than one type of cartridge. In specific cases, there are multiple choices with different type of needles. The listed needle codes are explained in following table:
Package code
Type of needle

Several, mostly "moderne" types are originals
(made by the original factory), yet packed in
a universal packing.
The codings of these originals is:
Sapphire, stereo
Sapphire, normal (78rpm)
Daimant, stereo
Diamant, normal (78rpm)
Diamant, elliptic (Bi-radial)
Package code
Type of needle
Diamant, Hyper Elliptic
Diamant, stereo, original
Diamant, Line contact
Diamant, elliptical, original
Diamant, Shibata shape
Diamant, Shibata, original
Diamant, naked block D-SAS
Original, in manufacturer packing
You'll find these codes added to the article codes after clicking on the article.

In the early days, ceramic Elements were used with rotatable needles. At one side a 78rpm one and on the other side a stereo needle. Later, as 78rpm records became rare, this one is sometimes exchanged with another stereo needle, so it became a double stereo stylus.
Popular types of these kind of needles are now standard supplied as double stereo types; on request we still can supply ones with stereo/78rpm needle combination. Less popular types are only supplied in 78/stereo versions.
Package code
Type of needles
Sapphire 78 / Sapphire stereo
Sapphfire stereo / Sapphire stereo
Sapphire 78 / Diamant stereo
Sapphire stereo / Diamant stereo

If you can't find the requested item, maybe this Tonar reference guide will help.

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