XENTEQ LBC 500S serie

The XENTEQ chargers from the LBC 500S series are multifunctional all-rounders. They are easy to use, but still have many special features and protections, making it an absolute quality charger with professional maintenance of the battery. The microprocessor controls and monitors the charger, the battery and the progress, resulting in a very advanced and safe charging process. This charger thus has triple or even quadruple temperature protection! Due to all its characteristics, the charger can be used for many application areas.

The LBC 500S series is suitable for permanent connection and 'build-in'. The charger may remain connected / switched on while consumers are present, when starting a motor or in the presence of multiple power sources (e.g. solar panel). The LED indications for reading the charger status can be read from a large angle. The LBC 500S contains multiple charging settings and can therefore be adjusted to many different battery types. Even LiFePo4 batteries! There is one push button at the front of the charger for selecting the right program.

The LBC 500S can also be used as a power supply. To connect consumers directly, the charger has a special power mode. This creates a stable output voltage and equipment can work directly without the intervention of a battery.

The charger is equipped with a fixed charging cable of 1 m in length. The ends are equipped with cable eyes. The handy supplied battery terminals also make the charger flexible for use.

With the optionally available PC 1 clamps it is easy to use and fix mount the charger in multiple places.

Also optionally available is the temperature sensor T-sense1. Upon connection, a correction to the charging process will then be made based on the measured battery temperature.

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