INTERTECHNIK Air Cored Inductors Litz Perfect Lay Hexagonal Winding, 7xØ0,8mm

- Very High End inductor on a polycarbonate inductor body
- Thermoplastic copper wire
- Concentric wire assembly with 7 twisted, solitary
insulated copper conductors
- Transposition: clockwise
- Coiling Type: hexagonal
- Inductor backed and immersed
- Wire Connection: 100mm
- Tinned Length: 10mm
- Low ohmic resistances
- High quality factor
- Very low skin effect
- No saturation distortion
- No hysteresis distortion
- Constant inductance at current change
- Constant inductance at load changes
- Better sound reproduction compared to usual air cores

Technical Data
- Inductor Body: Polycarbonate (-90 to 135ºC)
- L-tolerance +/- 1%
- Copper Conductor 99.99% Purity
- Insulation Temperature 150ºC
- Temperature Coeffi cient 0.000394 per ºC
- Skin Effect Rac = Rdc 27, 18 12-
- Self-Capacitance very low
- Wires 7x 0,80mm

Vaslues 0,15 - 15mH

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