Our brands

ELTIM audio BV is manufacturer / supplier of the following products:

Bespoke amplifiers/power supplies
ELTIM audio is developing, producing and distributing our own Amplifier & Power Supply modules and loudspeakers.

Electronics parts we distribute:
ELTIM distributes the full INTERTECHNIK program (coils, capacitors, resistors and other parts) since summer 2017.

ELTIM distributes the full MUNDORF program (AMT's, coils, capacitors, resistors and other parts) since 1993.

VH Audio Capacitors.
The best available?!

VH AUDIO capacitors are top of range capacitors, hand made in the USA. ELTIM audio BV represents them since 2013.

KACSA audio, high value for money
-   Interlink and Speaker cable
-   Audio connectors
-   Wide range of ready cables
KACSA is a company distributing brandless quality connectors. Their cables are fine products as well. All for a fair price.
ELTIM audio BV is distributing Kacsa products since 2003.

MODU  electronics cabinets
Italian MODU produces a wide range of universal high quality enclosures. Build your electronics in these nice cabinets as we do.
ELTIM audio BV distributes MODU cabinets since 2006.

Toroidal power &
tube output
TOROIDY bespoke toroidal transformers, CE certified. ELTIM audio BV distributes since February 2021.

ELTIM audio BV also sells products of the following brands:

DAS Audio  
PA audio equipment

MONACOR Pro audio
and accessoiries


IMG stageline
PA related products
Headphones &
Mixing consoles

HYPEX Class-D amplifiers
& Power Supply modules

NICHICON electrolytic capacitors
AHP high grade fuses
ALPS potmeters & Switches

EXICON lateral Mosfets

THAT High perfomance IC's
PV inverters
(off. installer)

Mobile charger, converter
and inverter products.
Dutch made quality.

Thermo Lamina electric
floor heating foil.

And many more

We have over 250 brands of phono cartridges and spare styli / parts in our program.
Also over 1800 types of drive belts (for tape/cassette recorder, turntable, etc.) available.
Just to name some well known cartridge brands:

phono cartridges / styli

cartridges / styli

NAGAOKA cartridges,
styli, accesoiries, etc.
phono cartridges / styli
National (Technics) cartridges
and replacement styli

GRADO cartridges
and styli

PICKERING cartridges / styli

cartridges / styli

and many more, in total of around 6.000 audio related quality products.
In the past 20 years we sold to over 750 professional companies and institutes
and to over 7000 enthousiast DIY'ers. Thanks.

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