Business info

As distributor ELTIM audio BV ships following products  to manufacturers,
distributors and dealers of  loudspeakers Europe area:

- Twaron Angel Hair (the original!)

- Puresonic connectors

- Kacsa Cable & Connectors

We also develop, produce and distribute our own Amplifiers, modules and DIY kits.

For these four markets we have special prices for OEM & Dealers.

For about all other product we are a dealer, so can't give significant discounts but give what we can....
Please be advised or use the shop for ordering and disregard all webshop prices,
all including 21% VAT by the way. If you appear to be a B2B customer (by entering your
VAT number in the designated square) we will send an appropriate offer by email or fax
or ask for prices by email. So, don't send any money before you got our offer or confirmation.

We have contact with a lot of distributing and manufactoring companies.
Most probably we can help with specific, not listed, products as well.

Please note that all underscored text in our website hides extra information,
like data, email adress or website.