Buying outside EU

EU private residents will be charged by us with shipping costs and DUTCH 21% VAT (already included in our prices). Shipping costs depend on region and true weight, which is estimated automatically by our system.
There will be NO extra charges from anyone else.

Private people living outside EU will be charged without 21% VAT, so your total will be lower then expected.
We only charge estimated shipping costs by weight and region.
Locally you will have to pay customs costs and local VAT.

Sometimes is seems interesting to buy products from outside the EU. As many found out already, this appears to be at least a financial dissapointment, since there will be a lot of extra charges, hardly mentioned by the supplier:
-  Very small order (<E 22,-), just long range shipping costs
-  Small orders (.>E22, <150), long range shipping costs AND local VAT
-  Larger orders come with long range shipping costs, Customs declaration AND local VAT.

SO, unlike some people believe, you mostly pay a lot more when buying from outside EU countries.
Check your local customs rules to make sure if it is a good idea indeed.........