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There are lots of software to find for calculating crossovers. We believed it can be done more simple. We just entered the formulas in an Excel (2003) sheet, where you can change LP/HP frequency and impedance only. Just enter the desired crossover frequency and actual (so including L-pad and corrections) impedance seen by the crossover components. In two pages you get all data of all possible principles (if possible):
Butterworth, Linkwiz-Riley, Bessel, Chebychev, Legendre, Gauss and Fase Linear for 6-12-18-24dB crossovers...
Download our Excel sheet here for free.

We found another tool for this kind of work:

NEW:  music from sources not meant to make music.
"Eye of the Tiger" by Dot Matrix printer.
"Come get Some" by Dot Matrix printer
If you know any of such video's please mail.

MQA: A new era of enjoying music has arrived !
At last, (or maybe just in time???) a new technology by MERIDIAN called MQA is converting studio quality (REEL TAPE ! ) recordings into a streamable format, called MQA.
Since we at ELTIM are 50+, so from the tape reel recorder (TEAC X7R) era with still unbeaten "live" quality level, we are very happy that finally somebody is stopping the degration of sound quality (blue line) WE experienced over the last 40 years:
This new technique could finally match your (MQA) streamed recordings with the most probably way higher quality of your equipment (if it is serious stuff....)

Loudness war  as found in Wikipedia. Why are there less and less people enjoying real music?
Loudness war, the principle     The love of musicians for music is killed by an OD of machinery and ignorance.....

Some of the other things we distribute and produce:                    Our activities as Puresonic's main distributor in Europe. Very nice and good connectors for a down to earth price.       Our activities as worldwide supplier of Twaron damping materials, exclusively made for Eltim.            Our activities as Google Earth "Pathfinder". Lots of marked water/rail/foot ways, business terrains, etc..

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