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New products

19 december 2017:
In short notice we will add some nice symmetric Power Supply modules to our program:

        PS-UN50S                              PS-UN63S                                    PS-UN80S

Later this spring, similar single voltage variants will follow.

13 september 2016:
We developed a range of volume control/buffer modules, forming the heart of f.e. our own preamplifiers.
Attenuation/gain can be set by a 0-4,8Vdc signal and/or by SPI serial data.

- VCA-2181x, three models in reference quality, using the higest quality parts and fully seperated channels.

- VCA-2180x, three models in High-End quality, using very good quality parts. Seperated VCA's.

- VCA-2162, a more cost effective version with dual channel VCA and buffer IC's.

All connections of all modules are the same, so they can be exchanged. You can even use the same software.
Availability around half oktober.

8 August 2016:
We reinstalled the WAVECOR and MOREL drive units in our webshop.

1 August 2016:
Per today the full INTERTECHNIK program, except coils and capacitors, are available in our webshop.

9 May 2016:
Looking for a new or replacement phono cartridge? Last week we placed hundreds of them on our website. You can find even very old ones and for jukeboxes, etc. There are so many that we can't hold them on stock, but our supplier does and delivers fast. So, within 1-2 weeks you can have a replacement cartridge in hands.
Also we have many hundreds of replacement styli in progress, waiting for pictures from our supplier. I you need one now, just send a mail with the type you are looking for. We are sure we can supply an original and/or copy model.

5 March 2016:
In our endless search for new electronic products we found some Amplifier Power IC's, by CANAAN Semiconductor. Due to a new technique they act as a class A amplifier, using Mosfets in the Powertrain. Check page here

We also are developing three types of modules where these IC's are used:
PA-4983    10Wrms@4ohms
PA-4989     2x4Wrms@4ohms (Headphone amp?)  AVAILABLE NOW !
PA-4991     50Wrms@4ohms

20 november 2015:
After pushing Modu for some time, they surprised us with a range of Mini Dissipante cabinets. Widths in 230 and 330mm, Depth in 200, 250, 300 and even 400mm, heights in 80 and 120mm.
These cabinets are very nice to build your Monoblock amplifier, RF transmitter, Power Supply, etc.
23 October 2015:
While developping the boards we mention below, we found out that on the 5/8VA models we also can use the low profile BLOCK FL6/8 series transformers to form our PSFL-series. Since they are about half the price of the TALEMA toroidals, these versions are more cost effective.
On these modules we use high quality components like PANASONIC FC (5.000 hours @ 105ºC) capacitors, small caps over the rectifier diodes, etc.
We produce them also in symmetric and single voltage, both also with the unique regulator options as mentioned below. Due to the low profile trafo's, height is only 27-43mm, so you can even use most of them in 40mm casings.

14 october 2015:
We found out that there is a lack in availability of (quality) symmetrical Power Supply modules.
Find them now with integrated Talema 700000 series potted toroidal PCB transformers in a range of 5-25VA under ELTIM Ampifier modules/Power supply modules/PS7xx ! Very low magnetic field, hum and noise rates due to fully equipped PCB's.
We only use high grade components like PANASONIC FR (10.000 hours @ 105ºC) capacitors, small caps over the rectifier diodes, etc.
If a regulated symmetrical voltage is required, you could add on of our VR-modules (as in the picture blow) to it. VR3 and VR-4 are adjustable. So, with these you even could make a small (±1,5A max) , symmetrical laboratory Power Supply !
In similar way, we also made more regular single voltage variants. With these you can add a 317 (TO220) Voltage regulator, incl. heatsink and extra parts. In that case there is an adjustable voltage available as well.
Due to the low profile toroidal trafo's, height is only 23-28mm, so you can even use them in 40mm casings.
12 october 2015:
We entered the BURSON hybrid opamps in our program. These opamps are built wirh regular components and due to this don't sound as dull as may regular opamps do.
They are pin compatibel with the regular single and dual opamp types.
10 October 2015:
We finished the CD-40ps MB add-on modules. With these you can build a nice, small Monoblock stucture making around 170W @ 8 ohms:
CS-40ps MB + VS-20L + CD40 MB pair + VR-30/30 + 300 VA potted trafo
in a MODU Galaxy 230x280x80mm cabinet.
Just some short wires from the trafo and connectors (not mounted here)

15 September 2015:
The Modu Galaxy cabinet range is about doubled (180+) with the introduction of 120mm and 165mm high models. The Maggiorato range is now integrated as 80mm subrange.

2 february 2015:
From today on we can supply the full ELMA program. This company is well known for their (Swiss) high quality rotary switches, attenuators, 19" and regular cabinets, knobs, etc. We started to add the most interesting items. Due to the large number of components, price and individually choices one can make, most items are NOT in stock. We are working on pricing, but can tell all is pretty "expensive". But then again, if a customer complains that a switch is failing after 16 years of intensive use......

29 january 2015:
We added "floating" voltage regulators LM317 and hard to get negative regulating LM337 models to our program under Active components/IC's/Lxx.
With these voltage regulators you can set about ANY output voltage with only one resistor value, as long as the differential voltage between in- and output is <40 Volts. Max. current 1,5A. Way less noise as well. Protected against about every overload situation, incl. thermal.

10  january 2015
We added MUNDORF PRO AMT's in program, to be found under Drive units/Mundorf Pro AMT's.
These Air Motion Transformers meet the highest standards in the PA- and Studio Monitor field. Of course, you could use them at home as well, although their efficiency is some high for this purpose..... This PRO AMT program is that large, that we splitted it up.

25 october 2014:
We added the unique, THAT corp Transistor arrays, the InGenius balanced input buffers and OutSmart balanced output buffers under Active componenten/IC's/Txx.
All THAT circuits are especially made for the best analog equipment and are soundwise superior to all other products we know of. Don't scram, oh opamps!  These ones REALLY function differently, see the datasheets.

15 october 2014:
We added unique EXICON analog power Mosfets to our program under Active components/Transistors/Mosfets.